Melodia Studio Offers Private and Group Lessons for Students of All Ages from Infants and Preschoolers to Adults. Learn more and register today!

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"Baby & Me" Music Class: Birth to 12 months

Join Melodia Studio for an exploration of songs that have inspired children and families for ages. In this class, you and your baby will bounce, sway, wiggle and tickle to children’s folk songs preserved and passed down through generations. Learn more and register here!

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My First Piano Adventures

With students at age six or less, piano teaching becomes an adventure for both child and teacher. We've set aside our seriousness and inhibitions to join the child's world in a playful exploration of music. Through imagery, metaphor, and a diverse world of sound, we seek to develop a foundation of aural perception, eye tracking, and physical coordination. There is special opportunity to develop perceptual ability at a young age. Skills unfold while we engage the child's inherent love of music.


Piano 101 For Adult Beginners

Ever wanted to pick up a new instrument but felt “too old” to learn something new? Are you curious about the lifelong benefits of playing music but don’t know where to start? Piano 101 is a course designed for non-music majors who have an interest in learning the foundations of music at the keyboard. In a matter of weeks, repertoire, technique, sight-reading, theory, and improvisational harmony would be taught in an open and understanding environment.