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"Melodia Studio is a collective of patient, kind, and experienced music teachers."

Established in 2012, Melodia Studio offers private and group music lessons for students of all ages and experience levels, focusing on proper technique, personalized teaching methods, and having fun!

After six years in Germantown, Melodia Studio now has a forever home at 3310 Knight Drive, the cozy home of Ariel Bui.  She lives there with  roommates Erk & Zach and their three pets, Mittens, Pi & Tqaru.


Ariel Bui, Founder & Piano Instructor

Amaia Aguirre, Piano Instructor

Anne McCue, Guitar Instructor

Zach  Schultz, Resident

Mittens, Indoor-Outdoor Kitty

Pi, The Waggiest-Tailed Dog of All